Understanding the System

Understanding the System

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2022 Point in Time (PIT) Count Summary Data

2021 Point in Time (PIT) Count Summary Data

Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher

Some Housing Link participants have access to a Housing Choice Voucher (commonly known as a Section 8 voucher). Section 8 is a program that provides steady payment assistance for individuals and families in the private rental market. Program participants pay a monthly adjusted amount for rent and the balance is subsidized to the landlord by the Bucks County Housing Authority. As a landlord, there are significant benefits to participating in the Section 8 program. Learn more about the process of becoming a Section 8 landlord here.

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Funding Opportunities

Posted 08/08/2022

HUD has released the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the FY2022 CoC Program Competition. Please review the CoC Competition Overview document that highlights information relevant to project eligibility and local CoC submission deadlines. PA-511 Bristol/Bensalem/Bucks County CoC will be following the below internal schedule. The website will be updated with additional information as it becomes available related to this year’s competition.

Internal Schedule

08/08/2022: 2022 CoC NOFO and CoC Local Program Competition Deadlines are distributed via the CoC email distribution list and posted to the Housing Link website

08/22/2022: Project Applicants must email Notice of Intent to Apply to hcd@buckscounty.org

08/30/2022: Project Applicant must submit completed Project Application in eSnaps. Applications submitted in eSnaps are automatically sent to the CoC Collaborative Applicant

09/13/2022: CoC Executive Committee completes review, ranking, and approval of Project Applications for Priority Listing

09/15/2022: CoC Collaborative Applicant – Housing & Community Development, notifies Project Applicants via email on inclusion or rejection in Bucks County CoC’s Consolidated Application Priority Listing

09/30/2022: Bucks County CoC Consolidated Application inclusive of all Project Applications and Priority Listing submitted to HUD via eSnaps

Transparency: The CoC Consolidated Application, including all CoC Project Applications and CoC Priority Listing will be made available on the Housing Link website at least 2 days before the application deadline and will notify community members and key stakeholders that the CoC Consolidated Application is available.

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