Could You be the Missing Link?

Could You be the Missing Link?


Are you a landlord or realtor with a property to rent in Bucks County?

From now until January 31, 2022, the Bonus for Bucks Landlords Event is offering incentive payments to landlords and realtors who partner with the Housing Link to lease to qualified Housing Link program participants.

The key to ending homelessness in Bucks County is a successful partnership between landlords, housing programs, and tenants. At Housing Link, we believe in the “double bottom line” whereby landlords can benefit their business and benefit the community. There is a great need for more landlords to join us in this vital mission. By opening your doors, you could be the missing link to ending homelessness in Bucks County!

Benefits of Working with the Housing Link Include:

Worry-Free Rent – Tenants enrolled in Housing Link programs receive the necessary assistance to make rental payments and to increase their income. Rent is paid on time, providing an extra layer of protection for landlords against job loss and other crises.

Signing Bonuses – The Housing Link offers financial incentives to new landlords who have not rented to a program participant in the past two years. Contact the Housing Locators to learn more.

Increased Occupancy Rates – Landlords have access to a steady stream of tenants prepared to rent and sign a lease, saving them money on marketing and vacancies, and providing a quick turnaround.

Decreased Turnover Rates – The combination of financial assistance and supports leads to decreased turnover rates. One analysis showed tenants stayed in their units an average of 6.6 years, significantly longer than the market average.

Risk Mitigation – If tenants lose a job or have a crisis, Housing Link can increase the rental subsidy to help them through the crisis. No need to evict!

Support – Housing Link Locators add an extra layer of support for landlords, ensuring that landlords are satisfied with their experience working with us. Housing Locators are the point of contact for landlord/tenant mediation. Other support staff are also available for minor tenant concerns.

Meet the Locators

Housing Locators provide support between the landlord and program participants; they are the glue that holds everything together. They are always looking for housing opportunities and seek to establish relationships with landlords in our community.

Housing Locators also work closely with program participants to understand their needs and help them through the process. From lease education to inspections and budgeting, Housing Locators provide the necessary support to ensure a quick and successful lease-up.

Kendra Transue
Supervisor of Housing Location

Malik Bennett

Daniel Lang
CYS/MH Housing Locator

Kathleen Dorrian
Elder Care Housing Locator

Erika Flayer

Deremy Dove
Housing Locator

Housing + Support Services = A Recipe for Successful Tenancy

Several housing and support services programs are available for individuals and families through the Bucks County Housing Link. From help with first-month rent to long term assistance programs, our goal is to expand the availability of affordable housing in the private rental market while providing significant benefits to landlords. Contact a Housing Locator today to learn more.

Tenants in Trouble? Resources

Do you have a tenant in trouble? The Housing Link Helpline can provide resources and referrals for a variety of issues. Have your tenants call 1-800-810-4434 to find out about resources today.

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