The Key to Ending Homelessness

The Key to Ending Homelessness

Opportunities to join our efforts include:

Join the Housing Link General Membership

Membership in the Housing Link is open to any interested member of the public including volunteers, non-profits, businesses, government, and philanthropy. The Housing Link General meeting is held every other 4th Thursday to provide updates to members.

Join a Housing Link Working Committee

Working Committee participation is open to interested members of the Housing Link General Membership. View a description of our Working Committees below.

Funding Committee

The Funding Committee researches potential funding opportunities to address Housing Link initiatives and recommends action to acquire new or expanded funding.

Outcomes Committee

Utilizes the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and other data sources to assess Housing Link service performance.  Reviews the Housing Link Annual Performance Reports to help make strategic decisions. Coordinates with publicly funded institutions of care to ensure discharge policies are in place to prevent individuals from being discharged into homelessness.

Strategic Planning Committee

Updates the Housing Services Action Plan with best practices and goals. Researches best practices for implementation by the Housing Link. 

Training Committee

The Training Committee works with the other Committees and the general membership to identify training needs, and design and implement trainings that will be useful to the Housing Link.

Local Housing Options Team (LHOT)

The Local Housing Options Team (LHOT) was originally based on an Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (OMHSAS) model focusing on increasing housing options for people with special needs. The LHOT brings together representatives of organizations serving this population, especially those with behavioral health challenges and those with multiple special needs. The LHOT prioritizes housing needs in the County and serves in an advisory role in the creation of Bucks County’s Behavioral Health Housing Plan. The LHOT also provides input on housing-related Medical Assistance Reinvestment Plans.

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR)

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) is responsible for oversight, planning, and research on Bucks County’s efforts to increase access to Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income, especially for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and living with severe mental health or substance abuse conditions.

Veterans Action Team

The Veterans Action Team is responsible for creating, maintaining, and actively utilizing a master list of all veterans experiencing homelessness in the CoC. Their goal is to help all those with military service, regardless of veteran status and funding source, take action to achieve permanent housing. Homeless veterans include those who are in unsheltered and sheltered locations (i.e., transitional housing, emergency shelter, or safe haven).


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