Bonus for Bucks Landlords


Part of the Bucks Landlord Incentive Program (BLIP)

Bonus for Bucks Landlords is offering several types of incentives to landlords and realtors who participate in the Housing Link’s fight against housing insecurity by leasing units to tenants who are Housing Link program participants.

Bonus Rent

New to working with Housing Link programs? For a limited time, get a one-time bonus equal to two months of rent when you lease up a Housing Link program participant.

Finder’s Fee

Landlords and Realtors can refer a landlord to the Housing Link. If that landlord leases up with a Housing Link program participant, you get a $2,000 finder’s fee.

Continuity Coverage

The Housing Link offers payments of up to one month in between leases when you rent to Housing Link program participants.

The Bonus for Bucks Landlords Event is a joint effort between the Bucks County Housing Link Partners, the Bucks County Association of Realtors®, and the Suburban Realtors® Alliance.

Real estate agents are key partners in helping the Housing Link connect with new landlords as they are particularly well equipped to educate and assist their investor clients with information about this program and the benefits the event offers as part of a healthy investment portfolio.  

The Housing Link’s Bonus for Bucks Landlords Event is part of the Bucks Landlord Incentive Program (BLIP), designed to foster increased partnerships between landlords, realtors, and the Bucks County Housing Link. 

The Bonus for Bucks Landlords Event has been extended from now through July 31, 2022.

Goal: 180 Landlords

Bonus for Bucks Event Countdown








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Benefits of Working with the Housing Link through Bonus for Bucks Landlords Event


  • Bonus Payments: There are several types of incentives available to landlords, whether you are new to working with Housing Link or are looking to lease up another unit with a program participant
  • Reliable Rent: Housing Link partners assist tenants with rent as needed to provide extra security to landlords
  • Continuity Coverage: No more downtime between tenants! Get up to one month of continuity payment between leases
  • Refer a Friend: Refer a landlord to the Housing Link and receive a finder’s fee payment of $2,000 when they lease up a Housing Link program participant
  • Get Support: The Housing Link values our landlord and realtor partners and offers support services for landlord/tenant relationships


  • Refer a Client: Refer a landlord to the Housing Link and receive a finder’s fee payment of $2,000 when they lease up a Housing Link program participant
  • Save Money: No need to advertise or market the property – the Housing Link has a list of qualified tenants ready to apply
  • Write the Lease: Maintain the ability to write the lease and oversee the transaction for your client if you wish 
  • Keep the Commission: No need to split the commission with a co-op agent  
  • Happy clients: Save your client money on listing commissions – PLUS they receive the bonus rent outlined above for each Housing Link program participant they lease up

As a landlord who believes in second chances, I appreciate the work that Bucks County Opportunity Council does and have had great experiences working with their Housing Team. 

Bucks County Landlord

Rapid Re-housing is a wonderful program that assists people, such as myself, who are or have been in unfortunate financial situations, but are working and struggling to make ends meet, while also trying to accomplish their goals, and just need a little help along the way. 

Housing Link Program Participant

It’s easy to get started!

Submit your name and email, and a Housing Link Housing Locator will give you a email you to discuss the Bonus for Bucks Landlords incentives.

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Or you can call the Housing Link Housing Locators at (215)-933-9445

Terms and Conditions

  • The time period for the challenge is July 12th, 2021 – July 31st, 2022. The Department of Housing & Community Development and the Bucks County Opportunity Council reserve the right to extend the timeframe of the Bonus for Bucks Landlord event as needed.
  • One Finder’s Fee bonus per new landlord referral. A landlord who has not have leased to a tenant through the Housing Link Locators in the past 24-month period qualifies as a “new landlord”.
  • Property must meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) to be eligible. If the property’s condition requires repairs that the Landlord cannot address, and the property cannot be used for a Housing Link referral, a finder’s fee cannot be paid.
  • For realtors to qualify for a finder’s fee, a Landlord must mention their agent’s name in initial conversation with Housing Link staff. Alternatively, an agent may contact Housing Locators to register for the finder’s fee and provide the name of the landlord referred. If this is recorded prior to the landlord contacting Housing Link, then the landlord will count towards that agent’s referral total.
  • All incentive payments are dependent on Housing Link funding. If funding for the program is exhausted, realtors and landlords will be informed by Housing Link staff.
  • Realtors, current BCOC landlord partners (currently renting to Housing Link clients) or new partners who have leased or are intending to lease to Housing Link participants are eligible to receive the Finder’s Fee payment

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